Strange Oasis Studios

Built for Independent Artists

Our mission is to provide a professional studio for artists to record and develop. We are here to encourage artists to expand their creative horizons and provide resources when needed. Dedicated to educating creatives in entrepreneurship and developing their sound, we are committed to a high standard of professionalism and artistry.

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Strange Oasis Studios provides the highest quality sound for modern hip-hop recording at an affordable rate for a variety of artists, producers & musicians locally & beyond. Captained by lead engineer (and a formidable recording artist in his own right) Lucien Parker, our studio is committed to being on the forefront of the modern sound of hip-hop/R&B and developing artists as we work with them. You won’t come in just to lay down vocal tracks, you’ll receive one-on-one coaching from our engineers.

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We Will Mix & Master Your Tracks From Anywhere In The World

Are you looking for a high-quality mix and master for your track with a quick turnaround? Look no further. Send us your tracks at and we will get them back to you within 48 hours. With Strange Oasis Studios there are no presets or rushed mixing jobs, we give each track the individual attention it needs and mix to touch. Plus, we offer unlimited revisions to make sure your track sounds exactly how you want it. Our experienced engineers are artists & producers themselves and have mixed hundreds of tracks. For a playlist of everything our studio has mixed and mastered, click here.

Rates are $40 per track for a full mix & master. Email your .wav file and stems to and let’s get your music sounding the best it can be. 

Meet Our Engineers

Lucien Parker

I came into this industry having little to no access to the resources I needed to be a successful recording artist.  Once I immersed myself deeper into the entertainment world, I realized others had/have similar needs as I did, so I dedicated my time to helping create spaces for artists to access those resources.  I’ve tracked, mixed, and mastered Spoken Word, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Guitar and much more over the last 5 years.  I’ve taught artists about copyright, publishing, and the opportunities available for literates of any kind within the entertainment industry, mainly focused on Hip-Hop culture.  In 2017 I opened a recording studio in Madison, WI with my business partner and have been dedicated to educating others on how to be a an entrepreneur in the music industry by using the internet as a tool to learn, create, brand, and benefit.

Lucien Parker was awarded ‘Studio Engineer of The Year’ at the 2017 Madison Hip-Hop Awards

Connor Sauk (Supa Nova)

With two years of live sound engineering and four years of studio production under his belt, Connor (Supa Nova) brings a diverse skill set to the Strange Oasis team. Fluent in FL Studio, Pro Tools, and many more programs, he has the technical and creative skills almost any artist is looking for. He recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he studied audio and video production and has worked with a wide variety of artists in genera ranging from rap to indy rock. As a catch-all engineer and creative, Connor can fulfill the audio engineering needs of any artist.

Ian Evans (ICE)

ICE is a hip hop artist and producer based in Madison, WI. His sharp flows, intricate rhyme patterns, and dark euphoric beats take you into the world of an outsider. ICE has been gaining local exposure, adding to his catalog as an artist, producer, and even sound engineer. 

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Studio Equipment List:

  • UA Apollo Twin Thunderbolt Interface
  • Pro Channel II Pre-Amp
  • AKG C214 Condenser Microphone w/ Pop Filter
  • Pro Tools 12
  • Logic ProX
  • FL Studio
  • KRK Rokit-8 Speakers
  • Presonus Firepod Audio Interface
  • AKG Perception 220 Microphone
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50x Headphones
  • Machine Mikro MIDI Beatpad
  • Audio Technica Full-Size Keyboard
  • Apple iMac